Beautiful Day

Beautiful Day

Beautiful Day Projects

A Beautiful Day project is a one day “blitz” of volunteers that seeks to make major physical progress for a family, school, organization, park, or property etc in need, and also brings extraordinary hope and encouragement in Jesus’s name. Convergence Beautiful Day projects are ongoing and are currectly focussed on helping families who lost their homes in the CZU fire of 2020.

Consider participating in our next Beautiful Day project to help fix peoples homes and properties that were ravished by the fires in Bonny Doon. There will be projects of all skill levels, so anyone can volunteer!

Please check back to this web page for the date of our next Beautiful Day project. Or signup for our email updates by using the signup tool at the bottom of this page.

Santa Cruz Convergence is thankful for our partnership with Beautiful Day as well as our parnerships with local Santa Cruz volunteers. This is truly a larger community effort bringing tangible support, hope, and the love of Christ to many devastated families. This is a long haul, and we are grateful for your support!


Questions?... please contact Lindsey Rutan at