Why We’re Here

Czu Fire Relief Aid

In For The Long Haul

In August, 2020, Santa Cruz County was hit with an unprecedented wildfire which came to be called the CZU Complex Fires which destroyed over 1400 buildings, devastated many local communities, and left thousands in need of shelter, recovery, and rebuilding.

Santa Cruz Convergence continues to mobilize action helping families rebuild from this tragedy by providing physical, spiritual, and financial support through multiple Beautiful Day projects hosted throughout the year. Beatiiful Day projects mobilize hundreds of volunteers helping rebuilding residents accomplish large amounts of work in a single day. These projects include everything from continued site cleanup, land clearing, and temporary shelter, to every phase of home rebuilding and construction.

How You Can Help. Over 900 familes lost their home in these devastating wildfires. The rebuilding effort is an arduous long haul and these families need on- going help. First, the financial need for many families is still great. Your gift of larger or small amounts allows for the purchase of greatly needed supplies for families to rebuild. You can give financially to the FIRE RELIEF AID fund by clicking here.

Secondly, there is a need for volunteers to come out during our Beautiful Day projects. Please stay tuned to our various communications channels for when a Beautiful Day project is occuring. And then please come out and help a family in need!

Santa Cruz Convergence is thankful for our partnership with Beautiful Day San Jose as well as our parnerships with local Santa Cruz volunteers. This is truly a larger community effort bringing tangible support, hope, and the love of Christ to many devastated families. This is a long haul, and we are grateful for your support!